Some Girls Never Learn The Full Film Good Reduction - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4

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Cover Some Girls Never Learn The Full Film Good Reduction - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4
Screenlist Some Girls Never Learn The Full Film Good Reduction - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4

Model: Morgan, Sarah Stern
Studio: spankingsarah

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:51:29
Resolution: 3840x2160
Size: 2,6 GB

Description: It's been 3 months since Morgan has been to stay with her Step Mommy Sarah and sadly, standards have started to slip. It seems that Morgan can behave but needs timely reminders. Step Mommy Sarah knows just how to treat naughty adult women who act like brats. Morgan tries to lie and claims that her behaviour has been impeccable but Sarah is nobodies fool and soon gets to the bottom of things. Morgan is going to relearn the hard way just how she is expected to behave. She is given a hard no nonsense hand spanking straight away over her strict Step Mommies knee. Her leggings and panties are yanked down in order for her bare bottom to feel the full weight of Sarah's hard and heavy hand.Morgan is made to dress in a school uniform with ribbons in her hair and her skirt pinned up at the back.  Step Mommy Sarah produces a painful paddle to use on her bare bottom.  But first her temperature needs to be taken. Step Mommy Sarah pushes the thermometer into her tight little bottom and then leaves it in there whilst the paddle is applied to her bare bottom. A prolonged paddling takes place whilst poor Morgan still has this rectally inserted. Her bum is soon red and sore.Step Mommy Sarah knows exactly how to cure fully grown women who act like naughty teenage girls. If you have a dirty mouth it is obvious it needs to be cleaned and what better way then with a foaming wet bar of soap? To add insult to injury Morgan is made to endure this ordeal at the same time as her bottom is spanked,  Step Mommy Sarah makes sure her hand is still wet and soapy which makes each smack even more stingy.  Once Morgan has had a prolonged mouth soaping she is made to put her dummy in her still soapy mouthMorgan begs her Step Mommy not to spank her bottom anymore as it is still so red and incredibly sore. Sarah is a stickler for the rules and never makes any exception to them. She knows the way to make sure grown women who act like naughty teenage girls behave is to always deliver on what has been promised. Naughty girls always get a bedtime spanking however sore their bums are. Over the knee she goes to firstly be spanked over her tight white knickers. These are soon pulled down to her knees and the spanking continues on the bare.
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