Ma'am Mia's Marionette - Little Rabbit Productions - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Ma'am Mia's Marionette - Little Rabbit Productions - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Ma'am Mia's Marionette - Little Rabbit Productions - Full HD/MP4

Model: Little Rabbit
Studio: Little Rabbit Productions

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:10:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 729,7 MB

Description: Ma'am Mia walls into Her dungeon to find Her doll hung up ready to be played with. Rabbit is tied up like a pretty pink frilly marionette doll. Unable to move her own body and entirely at the will of Ma'am Mia. A pink frilly dress, corset and plaits in her dolly hair she is juxtaposed against Ma'am Mia's all black Dominant ensemble. It is clear who is in charge here. Ma'am toys with the ropes, raising each side until She has placed Her doll on tip toes and struggling to balance. Lifting the femsub fully off the ground and toying with her balance. A perfect little marionette to be played with as Ma'am pleases!
Ma'am then has her doll bent over, lifts the cute dress and picks a perfect cane and paddle for the sluts bottom. Unable to move, the doll has no choice but to take the spanking. Still on tip toes with no relief, Ma'am makes it even harder and lifts the doll up onto her big toes so the pain of merely staying still has rabbit crying out and in near tears... And then the caning begins!
Surrendering to the pain and knowing she is just a doll, rabbit listens to Ma'am Mia's soothing voice and does as she is told like a good girl. Ma'am first begins but cutting through the corset, then the frilly dress and then the pink slip underneath until Her doll is standing there naked and vulnerable. Whimpering as each cut is made, still in pain from being held on her toes with little support.
Once at her most vulnerable Ma'am starts cutting through the ropes, with each one released rabbit falls further to the ground, unable to sustain her body anymore. A true marionette doll.
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