Miss Epiphany's Regression Clinic With Alex Knight And Ella Raine - Ella Raine - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Miss Epiphany's Regression Clinic With Alex Knight And Ella Raine - Ella Raine - HD/MP4
Screenlist Miss Epiphany's Regression Clinic With Alex Knight And Ella Raine - Ella Raine - HD/MP4

Model: Miss Epiphany, Ella Raine
Studio: Ella Raine

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:11:08
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 805,6 MB

Description: Saccharine Miss Epiphany dotes on baby Alex - it's easy work, especially compared to her next charge. His mind has effectively been fully regressed after the weeks spent in her program at the Regression Clinic. All he has to say comes in the forms of babbles, giggles, and coos as Miss Epiphany plays with him.
Ella steps into the room, fully naked and looking ashamed. Miss Epiphany beckons her over to sit in the crib with her and Alex, and she does so timidly. She's unsure of where she is, or why she's there, and desperate for an explanation from the domineering woman, though such explanations won't do anything to ease her nerves; she's been committed to the Regression Clinic indefinitely, and will be expected to comply with the program.
The new charge is anything but excited by this prospect, and voices her resistance as such. Her protests are short-lived, however, as Miss Epiphany curtly cuts them off by pulling the girl over her knee for a thorough spanking. Ella cries out in pain as the woman reddens her bottom with several deliberate strikes of her palm. Her punishment works exactly as intended, making Ella much more compliant and fearful to disobey.
Next on Miss Epiphany's schedule is to dress Ella in something more appropriate for her: a thick diaper beneath a short, babyish dress that displays her padding perfectly. Though humiliated by the attire, Ella obeys begrudgingly with these demands, fearful of another spanking.
Finally, it is time to condition the babies. Miss Epiphany sits between the two in the crib, pulls out two Hitachis, and promptly presses them to the front of their thick diapers. Moans escape both of them - Alex's moans more willing and excited, while Ella's express more concern. She doesn't want to enjoy this, but despite that, she can't help but be so turned on by the sensation of heavy vibrations over the thick padding wrapped around her. Soon enough, both babies have cum, reducing their minds further into the regression program that waits for them. Miss Epiphany simply pats their bottoms as they cuddle into her embrace, regressing perfectly on schedule.
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