His Permanent Baby Vacation - Ella Raine - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover His Permanent Baby Vacation - Ella Raine - HD/MP4
Screenlist His Permanent Baby Vacation - Ella Raine - HD/MP4

Model: Ella Raine
Studio: Ella Raine

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:17:54
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1,3 GB

Description: Allan is taking a solo trip to the states, and given his late booking, he's over the moon about the accommodations he found - a beautiful bed and breakfast with large, bright windows, picturesque views, and at a steal of a price. His flights had some delays, so upon entering the home he'll be spending his vacation he's eager to get to his room and rest up. His host, Ella, greets him warmly and lets him know his room is just about ready, so he takes a seat in the living room to wait patiently.
The first red flag raised in Allan's mind when handed his drink - when Ella had asked if he'd like a beverage, the sippy cup of milk that she handed him wasn't exactly what he had in mind. Unfortunately, distracted by this sign, he misses his host stashing away his passport.
Finally, his room was ready. She leads her guest up the stairs to where he will be staying, knowing this would likely become a much longer stay than he had planned - most needed longer to come around to things here. Allan's face twists in confusion as he takes in the space he will be residing in. As soft and bright as a baby's room, but everything appeared to be much, much bigger - either he had just stepped into Wonderland, or he was in an adult-sized nursery!
Ella wastes no time in initiating her guest - though she tries to simply explain how things work in her home, his refusals require her to use a more hands-on approach. Stripping him down quickly and bending him over the large changing table, Ella begins to spank her charge with a loud, firm bare-bottomed spanking. Once he's left whimpering, she flips him over and lays him down to be dressed into something more suitable - a big, fluffy diaper, of course, and a baby shirt to match.
All cozy for naptime, poor Allan is led to the crib and tucked in with the rail raised - trapped. Thinking himself too grown for such treatment, he waits until Ella has left the room to rip the crinkly diaper from between his legs and toss it over the rails, and left with nothing better to do he falls asleep.
When he wakes, he's surprised by the image before him: it's his host, and she's holding his discarded diaper in one hand with a much-less-than-pleased expression on her face.
What comes next should be no surprise to the battered traveller: more bare-bottom spankings. But this time, his host - or, at this point, his Mommy - uses the much less forgiving paddle. His cheeks shine bright red on his pale skin in no time, and he's crying for mercy. Not only will he wear his diaper from before, but as further punishment, Ella decides he needs a second thick diaper taped on top. Mitts locked onto his hands will keep him from taking these ones off.
Defeated, Allan cries pathetically as he accepts his new life with Mommy - his fight from before means that his departure won't be anytime soon.
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