Squirm All You Want Becky | Triple Domme - Strafkamer - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Squirm All You Want Becky | Triple Domme - Strafkamer - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Squirm All You Want Becky | Triple Domme - Strafkamer - Full HD/MP4

Model: Miss Ruby Marks, Mistress Baton, Mistress Morgan, Becky
Studio: Strafkamer

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:36:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,6 GB

Description: Becky is a cornered rat in this professional corrective treatment session, filled with humour and intrigue...
A delightful display of advanced CP skills, by three diverse BDSM practitioners
3 sadistic Mistresses are gathered here to help wayward Becky, a sub of Miss Ruby Fore, see the error of her ways. She is disobedient, her manners leave much to be desired and top of it all, she is lazy. She pretends to be dumb, doesn't abide by the three Disciplinarians' strict protocols and alll is in agreeement that a painful punishment should improve her dramatically... in fact, they know from experience that merciless, fiery strokes all over a body is often just what the doctor ordered.
Becky immediately starts to come undone, just as her floral minidress — she squirms and squeals, cries, begs and pleads as part of her usual familiar theatrics, but to no avail. These 3 have seen this kind of pathetic amateur acting many times before...
They take turns TAWSING her hands really fckng hard, after some cable tie bondage and she sounds like a being skinned alive...something her female dominators all find deeply satifying, even erotic,. and their topspace kick in. As they alternate, there is always a Mistress cushioning her floppy, wailing body for maximum impact postures.
Miss Marks is repeatedly embarrassed in front of her internationally renowned and respected colleagues, so it becomes clear that Becky's corrective measures are of insufficient intensity and they turn up the heat. The three Dommes zoom in on the tender soles of her feet for a proper BASTINADO SOLE CANING, and her screaming and writhing do appear to signal that they're starting to get through to the disobedient sub... As they rotate, a Mistress is seated either on her bum or back, so eliminating the possibility of Becking worming out from this hellishly excruciating part of the session.
But soon enough her cheeky, childish, snappy, bitchiness rears its ugly face, but strokes to the back of her milky remind her how short her leash is, and should stay.
Becky is consistently reminded that there is no way to to stop this triple punishment, that she brought it over herself and that she deserves it, as a direct result of forgetting her place in this pecking order...
The three skilled caners take turns to let fire rain dwn on Becky's naked bottom. Becky is begging and pleading, crying as she foolishly tres to negotiate her way out of what she is experiencing. Her tremblingf knees give way under her body, but this is also a waste of time, because she's securely tied to the table.
The punishment concludes with instant and very gratifying results and a humble, whispering, shaking and appropriately submissive person that tearfully gathers her stuff to skulk out of the dungeon, tail between the legs.
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