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Exclusive Cover Spanking The Maid Full - Red Cheeks Studios - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Spanking The Maid Full - Red Cheeks Studios - Full HD/MP4

Model: Jennifer, Amy
Studio: Red Cheeks Studios

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:18:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 932,2 MB

Description: Jennifer, a redhead milf, comes home from work to find her maid, Amy, is trying on her clothes instead of hanging them up. She wastes no time listening to excuses but pulls the naughty maid over her lap and begins a long spanking. Despite the maids protests, Jennifer continues spanking her maid's butt, and gives her some nice hard swats when she realizes the maid even has her panties on. With her butt getting redder with smacks, Amy pleads with her boss to not tell Jennifer's husband when he comes home, but Jennifer assures her that he will find out and he will carry on with the punishment. Jennifer's husband arrives home and is shocked to discover what the maid has been doing. He immediately takes over from Jennifer and pulls Amy across his lap. He wastes no time in starting a much harder spanking than she got before, and her butt soon begins to turn a very bright red, making poor Amy moan and groan even more. Her poor bottom is getting redder and redder as the smacks keep raining down, and though she moans and groans, and begs to be finished, He is not listening to her. He strips down the panties that she is still wearing, and carries on spanking her bare bottom very hard, making it glow a deep red. Poor Amy whimpers and moans but to no avail, the punishment continues on with him reassuring her that she will not sit down for a long time without feeling her stinging bum. Both her cheeks and thighs are glowing a nice, deep red, but he is still not satisfied and continues smacking her ass. She is in tears, pleading him to stop, and moaning that she has learned her lesson, but still he smacks away. Then he makes her stand up and strip off his wife's lingerie and panties completely, and then lay back down over his lap naked except for her heels and stockings. The spanking renews with much vigor and she even falls further to the floor, raising her red ass high in the air. He takes advantage of this better angle and really smacks her butt hard, making Amy cry even more...
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