Jennifer Gets Naomi In Trouble Again Full Scene - Red Cheeks Studios - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Jennifer Gets Naomi In Trouble Again Full Scene - Red Cheeks Studios - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Jennifer Gets Naomi In Trouble Again Full Scene - Red Cheeks Studios - Full HD/MP4

Model: Jennifer, Naomi
Studio: Red Cheeks Studios

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:30:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,5 GB

Description: This one has it all...girl on girl, naked, shaved pussy, bare breasts, kissing, fondling, spanking, paddling, caning, over the knee, stripped naked, tea, English discipline...Our hot brunette, Naomi, with the perfect breasts and beautiful round bottom, is getting in trouble again. She is dressed in a very skimpy outfit that barely covers her ass, and is supposed to be cleaning house, but Jennifer comes in, dressed only in some vintage style garter panties and bra, and proceeds to kiss, and hug Naomi. Before long, Jennifer starts to undress Naomi and takes off her top to fondle her perfectly shaped breasts. The bottom half soon follows, with Jennifer caressing and getting more excited with her touches. The two naughty girls carry on fondling and kissing each other, Jennifer has Naomi bent over and starts using a magic wand vibrator on her making Naomi squeal and giggle. The Jennifer can't resist that gorgeous butt of Naomi's any longer and she pulls her over her lap to start giving her a playful spanking while caressing the cheeks all the while. Of course, eventually, Jennifer hears her Husband driving up, and she runs off quickly to go and get some milk for his tea, leaving poor Naomi to get caught naked. The husband comes in and discovers poor Naomi, naked and pretending to dust. He interrogates her and after learning she has not been doing her job, he once again, pulls her over his knee and begins to spank her... a lot harder than Jennifer was, and her cheeks start to glow red quite quickly. He continues with the spanking, smacking her harder each time she responds to his questions, making it clear that she is in for a long punishment. Naomi, appears to be taking the spanking easily, giving cheeky answers as to why she is naked and hasn't worked properly, and making Jennifer out to be the real culprit. Naomi is still bent over his lap, getting her butt well and truly spanked and sporting very red cheeks. Jennifer returns home and comes into the room, dressed only in a bra and garters/stockings. He gets up, and starts scolding Jennifer for preventing Naomi from working, and bends her over and gives her a few swats on her big round bottom, before sending her off to make his afternoon tea. Then he makes Naomi kneel in the chair and stick her bottom out for more spanking. However, he soon decides to go and retrieve a thick leather paddle, which he swats her with very firmly. Soon enough, her butt shows some bruising from the paddle, but still he is not satisfied, and gets a mean looking wooden paddle which really makes Naomi squirm and squeal. As the scene ends, he walks off to drink his tea, stating that he will be getting a cane and Naomi will get thrashed with it after tea. The homeowner comes back in the room, cross because his tea was not ready yet. He is carrying several rattan canes, and he stands her up, turns around the chair and makes her bend over the back of it. He selects a whippy, but quite thick, cane and begins to deliver some firm strokes across poor Naomi's butt, leaving fresh lines with each one. After several minutes, Jennifer appears with his cup of tea, and kneels down beside Naomi clearly excited by the spectacle of Naomi's bare bottom getting caned. She even begins to reach around and grab his butt as he is thrashing Naomi, and receives a stern reprimand with a promise of her caning to follow. The punishment continues on, making Naomi's bottom criss crossed with welts and lines, and she tries to meekly defend her actions, telling him that Jennifer is responsible for taking her clothes off. He informs her that if that is the case, she then has her friend to thank for her caning. He goes off and fetches an evil looking black cane and tells Naomi she will get a final 6 strokes, and that she will have to count each one out loud. He begins the final caning with very hard, harsh strokes that leave a new, fresh deep red welt after each one. When the count is finished, he finally takes a sip of his tea and immediately explodes in a temper, demanding to know what tea Jennifer has used. When she tells him its the wrong one, he is furious and stands Naomi up, and bends Jennifer over the back of the chair. He doesn't even stop to take down her garter panties, but begins to thrash her big and bounteous bottom with the same black cane.
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