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Model: Lady Scarlet
Studio: Lady Scarlet

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:09:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 527,4 MB

Description: I look forward to my step daughter's return. This morning they called an extraordinary assembly at school and it turned out that lately she is getting all low marks except in some subjects where she barely reaches 6. I want to hear her reasons and also give her a good lesson. I hear a noise, she has returned home. I call her immediately and tell her that I am aware of her poor academic performance. I want explanations. She is in trouble, she denies, she doesn't really know what to say. I threaten her not to let her leave the house for months. Now she is scared and almost whimpering. I try to hypothesize the possible causes of his negligence. But she still doesn't admit. More and more nervous I grab her, sit down and put her on my knees. She deserves a strict punishment. I lift her skirt and slap that little white ass. Her buttocks turn red quickly, both from her delicate skin and my strength to hit her. I insist, and not happy I step to a paddle. I make her ass turn red and burning but in this way I get what I want: her apology with a tear, the admission that she has a boyfriend like I suspected and the promise that from now on she will work to get excellent grades.
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