Riley's Training, Full Feature - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Riley's Training, Full Feature - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4
Screenlist Riley's Training, Full Feature - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4

Model: Riley May
Studio: LBC Fetish

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:51:51
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 2,2 GB

Description: Riley is a sweet 19 year old who has expressed an interest in the world of Dominance and Submission. She has almost no experience in any of this, but she's willing to try...and to learn. I've agreed to train her and to test her limits. We have discussed 'safe' words and established trust, and she's ready to follow my instructions. I have get her naked for inspection. I get into her space as she stands with her arms folded behind her back. I have her kneel, then crawl to me. I put a collar on her. I test her oral abilities by putting first two, then three fingers into her mouth. I feel her throat open as she eagerly takes them deeply. Good sign! I lead her out...and the next sequence opens with Riley staked out spread eagle on the dungeon floor, back arched over the ottoman. Now I get to play. I give her pussy a good spanking...till she calls for mercy. Then I give her a light whipping...breasts, belly and thighs. Now it's time for a bit of pleasure. I dangle the Hitachi in front of her it just grazes her, and bumps into it as it hums and vibrates. It's such a tease because she wants to grind herself into it, but she physically can't. Finally I relent and mash it into her sweet little snatch. It works its 'magic', and drives her crazy. When she's had her 'fun', I sit astride her and give her a few different choking, face slapping and hair pulling. She reacts well. I let her rest for a moment before I reposition her against the wall, ass facing out...ready for some punishment. She gets an ass spanking and a taste of the flogger. I have her count 10 strokes and thank me for them. Good training for the little slut. It's time to get her ass nice and red. I use a variety of tools on her...and I make her count all the strokes. Her cute lil butt gets all nice and rosy. Then I turn her around, ball-gag, and re tie her. I add clothespins to her tiny nipples...she doesn't make a peep of complaint. I give her sweet shaved little pussy a light spanking...just to get the flowing to the area to heighten its sensitivity. Then her reward...the Hitachi again.  It does it's job and Riley has no complaints. In fact she makes some cute noises through her ball-gag. Then I have her kneel in front of me. it's my turn now.t
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