Country Tears: Razor Strap Regrets - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Country Tears: Razor Strap Regrets - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Country Tears: Razor Strap Regrets - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4

Model: Shy Sky
Studio: Universal Spanking and Punishments

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:16:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 848,9 MB

Description: It happened on a crisp, Saturday this past spring. Shy Sky and her family were spending a Saturday afternoon together, enjoying their first full year living out in the country, acres and acres spread wide. Two years previous they all voted unanimously to bolt from the city and try something new and different. Shy's step-dad had found a house with 20 acres and a pond, plus some back buildings and a barn. He'd have to work two jobs to sustain that lifestyle, but they were all happy. Over time they became comfortable in the was easier living and quiet on most days.

A hearty breakfast lead to an afternoon of chores and work around the house. Somewhere around 2pm things went terribly wrong! Shy's step-mom corrected Shy one too many times (in her opinion) and she in turn would lay into her elder with some rather slanderous talk, simply no way to speak to another human being on any given day. The girl's step-dad overheard the commotion and rushed into the room just in time to shut things down before the situation became any more heated. Mr. Sky grabbed the girl by the arm and whispered in a stern tone directly into her ear that "she needed to get to the barn and get over they!"

It was that feeling deep in the pit of her stomach, Shy knew it all too well. That walk between the house and the barn knowing full well that within minutes she'd almost certainly be bare bottom and streaming tears because her butt was going to get strapped! How dare she, there was room to speak in a civil manner and Shy chose the path that was gonna leave her welted the week. As Shy entered the door of the barn she stacked up a few bales of hay into a makeshift and old fashioned punishment bench, that's how spankings were given when a trip to the barn was mandated. As custom, the defiant young lady would also make sure to place the riding crop and the razor strap directly next to her as those implements were always part of the barn punishments that she'd received previously. "Oh fuck", that's what Shy thought after staying in position for nearly twenty minutes and finally hearing the barn door slide open...her heart was racing fast because she was seconds away from an embarrassing spanking that was going to hurt, they always did. Besides those things, Shy was pretty sure that she was going to cry again, in fact he was the only man that had ever seen tears roll down her cheeks.

Stepping up beside Shy, her step-dad told her why she was going to be spanked and made it clear that although he most certainly loved her, she wasn't going to be allowed to raise the tone in the home and start fights. Shy breathed in deeply as once the spanking started, it could be a rough ride for a while. The first smacks over Shy's jeans were assertive and given with the intention to create remorse that also inspires correction. There would be a natural progression where Shy was spanked with his stern hand with her jeans on, protected only by her thong, and then upon her soft naked cheeks. There she was, Shy was exposed and sporting a glowing bottom. Looking over, Shy could also see the riding crop and the razor strap still laying beside her. She dreaded each of those, they were kinda mean,...though to make matters worse she was informed that a solid strapping with the belt would come next!
There was something about her step-dad's belt, how it felt on her bottom and thighs when he'd swing it in with authority. He knew darn well that every once in a while Shy needed a tune-up and she'd even tell you each time those spankings were well deserved. Those first licks with the belt burned, the temperature was cool out and the sting was notably intensified on her naked skin. She was whipped with his belt soundly and in turn Shy was in tears long before the punishment was through. Rivers of remorse streamed down her cheeks, she was truly sorry for he way that she had spoken before.

As her step-dad laced his belt back through the loops of his jeans, he instructed Shy to reach him his crop. The strokes were intense from the start and Shy was doing her best to keep composure. A solid spanking certainly hurt the sorry girl, but she also began to notice that she really would feel forgiven after taking her licks when she was told. Even so, the riding crop absolutely burned her bottom that day worse than ever before, her step-dad was pretty serious about spankings and he couldn't be swayed. Shy was reminded that she'll 'always be loved' and she knew those words to be pure and true...however, she would be given a full strapping with the razor strap! Each and every stroke given in a manner bookmarks those moments so Shy does not repeat her bad behavior and have to be spanked all over again for the same offense. The tears kept rolling and Shy's bottom was on fire, that strap made Shy think twice before she'd ever speak quite so loudly in front of her family again.
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