A Vindictive And Jelous Woman The Full Film - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4

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Cover A Vindictive And Jelous Woman The Full Film - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4
Screenlist A Vindictive And Jelous Woman The Full Film - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4

Model: Sarah Stern, Essie Quinn
Studio: spankingsarah

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:58:36
Resolution: 3840x2160
Size: 3 GB

Description: It’s been a few weeks since Essie has seen her Step-Sister in Law Sarah Stern. They did not part on the greatest terms as Essie and Alora had been at war and were both asked to vacate the house. Essie left immediately but Alora managed to convince Sarah to let her stay. This enraged young Essie who felt like she had been usurped by her rival for Sarah’s affections. Essie was so angry that she had hit Alora with her car and driven away!

Sarah is totally unaware of this but has been looking after a bed bound Alora since her release from hospital. Essie is delighted that Sarah has invited her around but is not so impressed when she finds out that the reason she has been summoned is because Sarah wants to go out and needs someone to look after Alora! Sarah cannot believe just how bratty Essie is being. She berates Essie for her terrible attitude. Essie can’t help but pull faces and roll her eyes, she hates Alora and certainly does not want to help look after her. Sarah warns Essie to stop acting like a silly spoilt . She reminds Essie what happens to fully grown women who act like entitled little princesses but Essie is so consumed with jealousy that she cannot help herself.

Sarah realises that the only way to deal with this is to regress Essie back to mode and the best way to do this is to haul her over the knee for a hard hand spanking. Sarah sits herself down on the spanking chair and is soon smacking her Jean clad bottom. It is not long before the jeans are pulled down and the spanking continues first over her sexy underwear and then onto the bare. A knicker inspection reveals that they are wet! How embarrassing that a fully grown woman can’t even keep her knickers clean. This also means that Sarah is going to smack her naughty bottom even harder.

Eventually a very sore and sorry Essie is allowed to stand up and rub her reddened cheeks. She is made to stand in the corner and given strict instructions to look after poor Alora whilst Sarah goes out. Has Essie learnt her lesson?

Essie has been told that as she has been behaving like a spoilt then she should be dressed as one. We see her in the bedroom getting changed and putting her hair up in ribbons. She has been tasked by Sarah to look after her rival Alora. As Alora is bedridden Sarah has given her a bell to ring if she needs Essie to help her. Essie also has written instructions which include when poor Alora should be given her medication. Despite assuring Sarah that she would look after Alora Essie is far to busy taking selfies and chatting on her phone. A desperate Alora needs assistance so keeps ringing her bell. This infuriates Essie who decides that Alora can have some very special treatment. She pisses in a glass and takes it up to Alora.

Unbeknown to Essie there is CCTV in the house and Sarah is absolutely furious when she finds out what Essie has done. Essie tries to protest that it was just a joke but Sarah is far from stupid. A nasty looking slipper is produced and Essie is soon feeling the full weight of it, firstly over her tight white school knickers before these are lowered to the knee for the spanking to continue on the bare. A sound slippering is given to this naughty little minx which has her apologising and begging for mercy. Her poor cheeks are already sore from the hand and this nasty slipper really stings. When her ordeal is finally over she is made to kneel in rice in the corner.

Poor Essie is in so much trouble. Not only has she fallen foul of her Step-Sister in Law Sarah and been made to dress like a maid and do household chores but it also seems the police are closing in on the fact that she was responsible for the accident which has left Alora bedridden.

She has received a call from her Husband informing her that the police are very interested in talking to her. Sarah comes in mid conversation and naturally wants to talk to her Step-Brother. He states that they want to inspect the car which immediately alerts Sarah to the fact that Essie has been far from honest.

She interrogates Essie who first of all denies any involvement up then tries to claim that although it was her car that she was not the driver and cannot or will not name the responsible party. Sarah is determined to get to the bottom of it and decides that perhaps the heavy strap will help Essie tell the truth.

Essie is strapped over the knee. She continues to protest her innocence so Sarah decides that she should kneel in the naughty chair as this position allows her to swing the strap more fiercely. Each stroke bites painfully into her tender cheeks but Sarah shows no pity. She applies stroke after painful stroke which leave Essie close to tears and she eventually admits her part in this whole sorry tale. Her quivering bottom is marked, bruised and sore. Essie is sent to bed with the promise that further punishment is deserved and will be given. What does Sarah have in store for her wayward Step-Sister in law?

A very sorry, sore and contrite Essie has been sent to bed by her Step-Sister in Law Sarah. She knows she is going to be punished some more and is dreading hearing her Step-Sister in laws steps on the stairs. Sarah knows this and purposefully leaves Essie in a state if nervous anticipation. She is well aware that sometime being left to think about what is going to happen to you heightens the fear.

By the time Sarah finally enters the room Essie is close to tears and eager to confess exactly what she did and why. Sarah is sympathetic but knows that Essie must be given a severe punishment. She informs Essie that she will be caned and caned hard. The first few strokes of the cane are applied over her tight gym knickers these are then removed and the rest of the strokes are applied on the bare. Essie is on all fours on the bed and is told to keep her bottom up high. It is not long before we can clearly see the welts left by the cane. Poor Essie cries out in pain but knows that this is a well deserved punishment that she must endure.
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