Maria In The Dungeon - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Maria In The Dungeon - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4
Screenlist Maria In The Dungeon - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4

Model: Maria Marley
Studio: LBC Fetish

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:45:22
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1,9 GB

Description: Maria is a sexy thing...young, pretty and tattooed...and apparently willing to have some fun in the dungeon. She's naked...a good place to start. I discover that she's flexible, so I tie her in a reverse prayer and play with her a bit. She responds well. I stick a large ball-gag in her mouth...which causes her to drool quite a bit. I anchor her overhead and tie her feet to a spreader-bar. It's important to her those legs open. I grope her roughly, pull her hair, choke her a bit...spank her ass. I bend her over backward and slap her she moans. Then I use a leather strap to smack her ass as she squeals and jumps...very cute! I use a crop to give her little stinging swats...on her pussy too. Then I attach two clothespins to each nipple...and she had told me how sensitive they are. But she tries hard to please and she took it well. She might be in pain and discomfort...but trust me, Maria is enjoying every minute of it...and so I change it up a bit... Maria is now lying on her back on the dungeon floor. Her legs have been from-tied and stretched wide open, and her arms are pulled over her head and tied to the wall. She's not going least not till I decide she is. And she's happy as the proverbial clam about it. And speaking of 'clams'...her cute little pussy, with its neatly coiffed landing strip, looks quite inviting. I notice that her legs have a bit too much I lash her dirty feet together...much better. Then I grab her by the snatch ( I just like that word) and give it a friendly mauling. She smiles blissfully...good sign. Then I smack it...softly at first...gradually building the intensity. She moans and makes all the good sounds.This 'warm-up' is going rather well I'm thinking..and .soI decide...clothespins are next. I attach one to each perky nipple...she gasps, but does't complain. I decide to test her further and attach a couple to her labia. She lets me know fairly quickly that they hurt a I remove them. This a sensual after all...and I want her to stay eager for me. I leave her for a few minutes while I go to get the Hitachi...and Maria squirms prettily till I return. I tease her...dangling the buzzing Hitachi so that it barely grazes her snatch..her hips move towards it...merely bumping it away. I'm enjoying this...I lay the Hitachi on her belly, lightly finger her and ask her if she's ready. No surprise...she's ready. Then her real fun begins...I mash it into her...I hold her by the head and make her look at me as I'm vibrating her clit...and her back arches, her eyes roll back, her lips part, her mouth opens...I grab her throat and squeeze it. She cums. Big surprise...NOT! I finger her a bit more for good measure and let het lie there...happy in her post orgasmic bliss.
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