The Refresher Course Full Film - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4

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Cover The Refresher Course Full Film - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4
Screenlist The Refresher Course Full Film - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4

Model: Sarah Stern, Lulu Lamb
Studio: spankingsarah

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:43:52
Resolution: 3840x2160
Size: 2,2 GB

Description: It’s been a while since Step Mommy Sarah has seen Lulu. She moved away but it seems that her standards have been slipping, A little bird has told Sarah that Lulu is once more behaving more like a silly spoilt brat then the full grown woman she is. Drastic measures must be taken to prevent this from happening. Lulu is summoned to appear before her Step Mommy and time in no uncertain terms that she is going to benefit from a short visit. She is immediately placed over the knee and given a good hard spanking on her bare bottom which soon makes her remember exactly what happens if you do not follow the rules. Her knickers are found to be dirty which earns her some extra slaps beside she is made to stand in the corner with those soiled panties hanging on the wall. After a period if reflection in the corner Lulu is once more feeling more like a silly girl then a fully grown woman. Step Mommy Sarah has brought down a teen girls dress, flowery panties, little socks and put her adult teen girls hair in ribbons. Being dressed like this helps Lulu to regress and want to please her strict but kind Step Mommy. Sarah sits herself done on the wooden stall and once more puts Lulu over the knee. A second hard spanking follows on her already tender and sore bottom. When this is over Lulu is made to sit on the spiky punishment pad which adds greatly to her discomfort A very naughty Lulu knows that if she gets a spanking during the day that she will get spanked again at night. She also knows that Step Mommy will check her panties. Despite Lulu not liking the pain if a smacked bottom, the thought that Step Mommy will soon come into her bedroom has made her pussy very wet. Poor Lulu knows that there will be extra trouble if it is found that her knickers are dirty so she quickly hides them under the pillow. This was rather silly as wearing no knickers is almost as bad as soiling clean ones. She gets a good hard over the knee hand spanking followed by the hairbrush for her silly deception. To make her punishment even worse Step Mommy Sarah makes her panties absolutely soaking wet and makes Lulu put them back on. The punishment position is also very embarrassing as she is placed in the diaper position.
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